Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2013

Annual General Meeting 2013 MEETING MINUTES

Date: June 22, 2013
Location: Kaseiro Shinkan, Chinatown, Yokohama
Approval: 22 June, 2013 by Charles A. Chen, President
Recorded By: Hiroki Yoshida, Secretary

The AGM of the Association was held on June 22 from 12pm at Kaseiro Shinkan with Charles A. Chen, President, presiding over the meeting.

Alumni Present:
Year / Name
1954 Luke Schneider
1958 Franz Metzger
1959 Ray Kimura
1960 Risaburo Suzuki
1960 Stanley Y. Nemoto
1960 Tom Hay Suzuki
1964 Hideo Nakanishi
1964 Joji Ozawa
1964 Nobuo Uwabe
1965 Shun Shindo
1968 George Okuhara-Caswell
1969 Yuzz Kanda
1980 Charlie Chen
1982 Moto Tomita
1983 Daishi Wally Hayashi
1985 Hiroki Yoshida
1986 Yuji Ono
1989 Nina Matsumura

The meeting started with the announcement of Hiro Yoshida joining as Secretary due to Ukyo Matsushita’s change in his work situation. Ukyo Matsushita will continue to be a contributing member on the Board.

Treasurer Report
The President reported on the 2013 financial status. He began by explaining that the balance from 2012 was 4,932,985 JPY + 100.00 USD, and after compiling all 2013 transactions, the updated total is now 5,100,000 JPY + 100.00 USD. The full Financial Report was handed out to the Alumni present at the AGM.  The board has suggested that the full Financial Report should not be posted publicly on websites.  The alumni present has unanimously agreed that the Financial Report shall only be delivered to the alumni members attending the AGM.  The full Financial Report will be available to all Alumni members by making a written request to the Alumni Association.

Secretary Reading
Hiro Yoshida(Secretary) read the Meeting Minutes of AGM2012. Meeting Minutes were approved by all members present at the AGM.

Activity Report
The President reported that the following events were successful:

  • Festa 2012 at Berrick Hall,
  • Shinnenkai 2013, where seasoned and new alumni interacted,
  • Tom Haar Dinner,
  • USA Chapter Mega-reunion, where over 118 people attended,
  • Mega- reunion Tokyo, where over 650 people across 22 international schools attended
  • SJC Website renewal, where the President donated the renewal fee

Upcoming Events
As for upcoming activities, President announced the following activities:

  • Interschool Golf Competition, sometime in mid-August
  • Memorial Mass on September 23rd
  • SJC Festa on November 16th and 17th
  • Interschool fundraising event, sometime in December
  • Shinnenkai in January 2014

Once tentative event dates are confirmed, the information will be disseminated through class representatives.

As for the 2013 SJC Festa, The Board will be looking for new bands to perform music from the ‘60s thru ‘90s. President also suggested that younger generations should play a more active role in these events, such as, some classes having food booths during Festa.

As for Memorial Mass, there was a suggestion whether we would invite Saint Maur ‘s alumni and/or YIS alumni. We concluded that although Memorial Mass is open to everyone, it would be difficult to invite the alumni since both schools do not have active alumni associations , such as ours.

New Proposals
New proposal discussed and made during the AGM, was agreed and approved by the members. The details approved are as follows:

The following proposals were made by Tom Haar (’60)

Term of Office of the Officers

  • It has been unanimously voted that the terms of the office of the officers will be changed from serving term from one year to two years, with the option of three years with majority of officers’ vote.

Due to the reality that the number of alumni will gradually phase out, what is the long- term plan?

  • We will try not to decrease the actual amount of principal in our cash coffer, and will maintain and preserve current funds, while perpetuating school values.

Utilization of treasury, in the next 20 – 40 years

  • Third-party audit would be chosen by the current officers whenever the president changes. We will have an audit prior to the resignation of the current president. In the best interest of the school, the last presiding group of officers will decide where the remaining money should go. There will be a public announcement to all the members of alumni.

Class of ’36 was not included in the last DVD, do we revise it?

  • Due to cost risk and other prevalent expenses , we will post it on the homepage for free downloads.

Online directory for alumni

  • In the interest of privacy laws and cost performance, we voted on making an online directory. All officers rejected the idea of exposure of online directory and has been unanimously approved by the members present.

The Board of Officer’s made the following proposal.

  • The Officers proposed that the presiding group of officers have the right to veto any proposals and decisions made at the AGM. In case of a 50:50 vote among the officers, the presiding president has the right to cast the deciding vote.  This proposal was unanimously approved by the members present.

Election of the New Officers

No new nominations were made.  The presiding officers have all agreed to stay in office for the new two year term, and the members present at the AGM 2013 have unanimously approved.

Comment was made by Yuji Ono (’87) that it would be a good opportunity for younger generations to interact with the older graduates. Although there was no exact dates/events decided, everybody agreed that we will continue to think of some events for interaction. Some suggestions that were made during this discussion was events such as golfing and fishing.
In addition, Yuzz Kanda expressed his wish to resign as the Chairman of the Archives & Festa Committee. The Alumni Association accepted his request, but requested Yuzz Kanda to stay as the Chairman until the Association finds a new candidate. Yuzz Kanda accepted the request.

The meeting successfully ended at 13:05 followed by a luncheon where all attendees mingled.

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