The missing 1936 Forward now available for download

The SJIS Alumni Association Archive Committee, in one of its main projects, has been scanning “Forward”, our yearbooks from the past.  The first edition of the DVD copies that included full pages of the yearbooks have been sold in the past.

In the first edition, the year “1936” was missing, due to the reason that the 1936 was not available at that time.  The Archive Committee has found the 1936 yearbook, and have scanned it.

The Alumni Association have considered making a second edition of the DVD, but because of the risks involved in ordering hundreds of copies of the DVDs, the Association has decided to make the 1936 Forward available for downloading.

You can download it, and keep it on your computer.  If you want your first edition DVD to be complete, you can put all the PDF files into your computer, including the 1936 Forward you are about to download, burn it on to a new DVD, and make your own complete DVD set.

Please click here to download the 1936 Forward
(PDF File/Size: 266.8MB)

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