Minutes of the SJIS Dinner/Meeting: 1.19.2001

January 19, 2001 6:30 p.m.

The meeting was held at Junkaikaku Restaurant, and the attendees were as follows:

Cecil Baclay (’51); Henry Akashi (’71); Nobuharu Suzuki (’67); Ted Takarada (’65); Boon Oyama (’66); William Mahr (’58); Yukihiro A. Ishigami (’57); Franz Metzger (’58); Hans Enderle (’58); Hideki Sakurai (’48); John G. Komor (54); Francis J. de Britto (’50); Yasuhiro Hayashi (’67); C. H. Liang (’67); Harry Quini (’57); George Ozawa (’64); Jean Rigod (’64); Hans Metzger (’55); Edward Bracha (Faculty); Charlie Chen (’80); Tomonari Kureha (’63)

1. Opening/Introduction

President C. Baclay welcomed the attendees to the first meting under new officers since the closure of our Aluma Mater on June 2000. A statement was made confirming the \10 million deposit in the fixed account. The dedication of the Mary Statue to the Foreign Cemetery was also noted. He thanked Mr. J. Komor for his work, as well as to Mr. J. Gordo, Mr.Okuhara and the cemetery committee for their assistance to accomplish this relocation of this statue.

2. Update since the Annual General Meeting (Sep, 2nd. 2000):

A report was made by the secretary N. Suzuki who informed that the Committee will consist of four officers and four other members: Mr. T. Takarada and C. Oyama as co-ops and Mr. F. Britto and Mr. J. Gordo as advisors. New officers are now officially responsible for the account, finalizing the deposit of \10 million into the new Tamachi bank (changed from Kojimachi). Dedication ceremony for the Mary statue was held on Dec. 9th at the Foreign Cemetery.

3. Financial Report:

In absence of Mr. G. Koyama, this report was presented by the President Mr. C. Baclay.

(1) Summary with Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank :SJIS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Tamachi Higashiguchi Branch 049 Account No.0561009

Fr. Gerber Fund (fixed deposit) 10,000,000
Operation Fund 2,213,588
Mary donation (balance) 277,539
Petty Cash 142,627
Total \12,633,754

(2) Statement of Mary Donation

Credit-Donation received (Aug. to Dec. 2000) 395,000
Debit- Statue’s cosmetic work & dedication expenses 114,311
Debit- DPE for Mary Statue 2,480
Debit- Postage 670
Total Debit-117,461
Total Credit-395,000
Balance as of Jan.15th \277,539

4. Other Business

(1) Report on the Mary statue

Mr. J. Komor, the chairperson of the Statue Committee, thanked the former President Mr. T. Takarada for accepting and coordinating the relocation process of the Mary statue. He also showed appreciation to the Cemetery Committee during the relocation. The Association is very fortunate to have the Archives Museum in the Cemetery building to enable us to place a display, giving a brief background of our school and on the statue. Likewise names of the donors will also be mentioned on this display. This display will be reviewed annually for addition of new names. Mr. G. Couto was also thanked for the donation of $5,600.00 from US West Coast Chapter, which has been a donation campaign.

Suggestion was made for Alumni Association to hold a ceremony annually to pay respect to the statue and the Marianist brothers buried near by. Likewise it was proposed and agreed, to keep open our request for donations for the maintenance of this statue. A definite date for the ceremony was not decided. All information will be on the web site www.sjcalumni.com , designed and updated by Mr. C. Chen.

(2) SJC facilities

Mr. Takarada reported on Berrick Hall and SJC main building. Both buildings still belong to Gyosei. Berrick Hall is planned to be purchased by the city of Yokohama and where they will definitely know, when their presented budget is accepted, however it looks to be positive. We hope to reserve a space inside the building placing memorabilia as a tribute to SJIS. Mr. Takarada mentioned that the city of Yokohama (Culture section) is seeking information on Mr. Berrick and asked if any of the alumni or friends may have any information. A comment was made to use the Fr. Gerber Fund to create it. The demolition work of the SJC main building is in full operations.

(3) Videotapes

President advertised two videotapes, shot and edited by Tom Haar:

Tape 1: SJIS Mega Millennium Reunion in L.A. – 2/19/00 88 min. \4,500
Tape 2: The last SJIS Graduation Ceremony – 5/27/00 SJIS Mega Millennium Reunion – 6/3/00 120 min.\5,500

Discounted price is available at \9,000 for both tapes. Prices include shipping and handling. Tapes will be delivered directly to purchaser by Tom Haar.The Association will present tapes to Father Mueller, the Brothers and sister Carmel who attended the re-union last year at LA.

(4) Dinner/Dance

This year’s Dinner/Dance will be held on Saturday, October 13th, at YC&AC. We will have two oldies bands. Mr. Suzuki nominated Mr. C. Oyama as a chairperson which he kindly accepted. Mr. H. Quini agreed to be the MC. It was decided that it should be a sit down dinner, with the participants of about 200(20 tables). As for participants, it was decided that instead of announcing this on our Web, it be done by asking prospective(positive) person(s) to be responsible for one table. This way we can have a positive count on attendance. At time of this meting there were already close to 10 tables committed. Fee will be \10,000.

(5) Mr. Oyama’s report
a) a letter from Ms. Yamashita, including the list of donors from the classes of ’95 and ’00.
b) a letter from Leslie Helm, looking for information on SJIS.
c) a letter from Mr. Chiba, the N.H.K. director appreciating our cooperation for memorable filmmaking. For your information, this program was called “CHIIISANA TABI”, scene showing our school, Class 2000 graduation, Bluff and down town area plus a few alumni.

5. Closing message

Vice President Mr. Akashi thanked the attendees for coming to the meeting and Mr. T.Kureha for the facility and the food.

6. After closing

Voluntary donations toward the Association annual due were collected. List of donors are: T. Kureha, C. Chen, H. Metzger, J. Rigod, G. Ozawa, H. Quiny, C.Liang, Y. Hayashi, F. Britto, J. Komor, H. Sakurai, H. Enderle, F. Metzger, Y. Ishigami, W. Mahr, B.Oyama, T. Takarada, N. Suzuki, H. Akashi, C. Baclay

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

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