The Annual SJIS Alumni Meeting 2000


The General Meeting for SJIS Alumni Association was held on September 2, 2000 at the YC&AC. The chairperson, T. Takarada, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The following persons were present at the meeting:

H. Akashi, C. Baclay, E. Bracha, F. DeBritto, K. Endo, P. Eymard, R. Fachtmann, J. Gordo, Y. Hayashi, C. Homma, J. Komor, G. Koyama, K. Liang, H. Nakanishi, B. Oyama, G. Ozawa, J. Rigoud, N. Suzuki, T. Takarada, K. Tsutsumi, I. Walker

At the beginning of the meeting, President T. Takarada reported the followings:

Many thanks to every one who contributed in making the June 3rd Millennium Reunion at the YC&AC a great success.

Fr. Gerber Fund was returned to the Association on July 26.

We have received a report from Br. O’Donnell that the gate arch of SJIS had been handed over to Futaba Gakuen. The organs and chairs in the chapel were handed over to F.G., Aijien, and the religious school in Fujisawa. The books in the library were handed to YIS and St. Maur. 1500 books were handed over to the Yokohama City Library. Copies of our annuals , the Forwards from the year 1954 to 2000 will be given to Yokohama Archives of History. T. Takarada asked the old alumni who have the copies of editions prior to 1954 to donate to the Yokohama Archives.

The statue of Blessed Virgin Mary had been moved to the Yokohama Foreign Cemetery by J. Komor’s initiative.

C. Stevenson, class of ’65 who lives in Baltimore moderates the E-mail club. There are 50 members who share ideas, information, and news.

Thanks to F. DeBritto and C. Baclay who prepared the draft of the new SJIS Alumni Association Constitution.

J. Gordo allowed the Association to use his P.O. Box address. He also asked the Strong & Co. to store the memorabilia of the Association.

Thanks to C. Chen who will be offering his services in keeping and renewing our website.

1. Approval of Minutes
Secretary , N. Suzuki reported the minutes of the steering committee meetings held prior to June 3/4 Reunion. The minutes were approved by attendees.

2. Report of June 3/4 Reunion
Vice President, B. Oyama reported that the June 3 Mega Millennium Reunion with 407 participants and June 4 SJIS campus tour were very successful.

3. Report on Purchasing of the SJIS T-shirts and Sweatshirts
B. Oyama reported that the purchase of SJIS apparel items cost the Alumni Association 300,000 yen. These items were what remained at the school and the Association agreed to relieve the school of these items at a relatively bargain price. The inventory list was distributed. Retail prices of the purchased items were discussed but were not finalized.

4. Report on Disposition of L.A. Reunion Brochure
G. Ozawa reported that 200 copies of L.A. Chapter brochure remain (80 copies sold) to be disposed. The motion to pay $2,000 to L.A. Chapter was passed by unanimous vote. This brochure is very well put together, giving information on the school’s history, Principals from 1901 to 2000, list of the graduating class from 1901 to 2000. Those who are interested to receive a copy, please write to the Association, (see No. 15.) or contact the Officers. But we do ask for a contribution of 1,100 yen or $10.00 plus postage.

5. Report on SJIS Memorabilia given to Alumni Association
B. Oyama reported that SJIS memorabilia (trophies and plaques) were handed over to the Alumni Association. They are stored in the warehouse of Strong & Co. along with T-shirts, sweatshirts, and extra copies of the Forwards from various years. Attendees thanked Strong & Co. for offering us the space for storage and Mr. Tsutsumi for moving these items from St. Joseph to the storage place.

6. Financial Report
The financial information of the Alumni Association was reported by Treasurer, G. Koyama and approved by attendees.

7. Funding of SJIS Statue Relocation
J. Komor reported that earlier this year, he asked Br. O’Donnell for his approval to relocate the Statue of Blessed Virgin Mary built in 1951 commemorating the 50th. Anniversary of SJIS. The relocation of the statue to the Foreign Cemetery was approved by Br. O’Donnell in July. The motion to cover the relocation expenses of 773,000 yen which J. Komor had already paid, was passed by unanimous vote. Besides this expense, some repairs to the Statue are needed , as well as constructing a firm pedestal is also being studied. You will be hearing from the committee on this matter. The Statue was named ” Our Lady of Faith and Fortitude ”

8. Funding of Studio Edition Fee Requested by Tom Haar
T. Takarada reported that T. Haar sent him a letter to ask the Alumni Association to cover the expenses for his studio editing. After some discussions it was confirmed by vote that the Alumni Association will not finance his editing fee but will encourage alumni to purchase the video tapes when made available for sale.

9. Adoption of New SJIS Constitution
The chairman of the new SJIS constitution committee, F. DeBritto presented the newly proposed Constitution to the attendees. Discussions were mainly focused on items regarding the objectives of the new Association and the new purpose of the Fr. Gerber’s Fund without the existence of the school. Continuation of constructive discussions regarding the new constitution on the website was proposed and recommended by the attendees. The proposed Constitution and By-Laws was adopted by vote unanimously.

10. Resignation of Officers
T. Takarada and B. Oyama resigned as President and Vice President of the Association. 11. Nomination of new Officers C. Baclay and H. Akashi were nominated for the President. H. Akashi, N. Suzuki, and J. Rigoud were nominated for the Vice President. N. Suzuki was nominated for the Secretary. G. Koyama was nominated for the Treasurer.

12. Election of New Officers
C. Baclay was elected for the President.
H. Akashi was elected for the Vice President.
N. Suzuki remained as the Secretary.
G. Koyama remained as the Treasurer.

13. Report on the International Boy Scout Troupe I
E. Bracha reported that in spite of the closure of the school the I.B.S. is continuing their activities. Official announcements of I.B.S. are accessible on the website. Since the scout troupe has financial difficulties, he requested support.

14. Alumni Website
It was reported that C. Chen agreed to offer services regarding updating of the website.

15. Alumni Address
Attendees thanked J. Gordo for opening P.O. Box address for Alumni Association which is : SJIS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Port P.O. Box 58, Yokohama 231-869 Japan.

16. Alumni New Bank Account
The new Officers shall be reporting the Association members regarding our Tokyo Mitsubishi bank account in due course.

17. Announcement from New President
C. Baclay requested the past Officers to serve as co-ops.

18. Applause to B. Oyama
T. Takarada introduced B. Oyama and asked all attendees for appreciation of his services. B. Oyama served ten years as Executive Officers.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

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