Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2015

Photo Aug 02, 14 31 56The Annual General Meeting 2015 of the SJIS Alumni Association was held on August 1st, 2015 at Kaseiro Shinkan in Chinatown, Yokohama.

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting as follows:

Minutes of Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2015

Date/Place: August 1st, 2015at Kaseiro ShinkanRestaurant, Chinatown, Yokohama

The AGM of the St. Joseph International School Alumni Association started at 12 PM presided by Charles A. Chen,President of the Association.

Class Participants

1958   Franz Metzger  Stacy Akiyama
1959   Eddie Kobayashi  Ray Kimura
1968   George Okuhara-Caswell
1969   Yuzz Kanda
1974   Kazuhide Endo
1980   CharlesChen
1981   Eigen Kaji
1983   Wally Hayashi   Katsuhisa Endo
1984   Daishi Takeda
1985   Hiro Yoshida
1987   Stephen Kha   Ukyo Matsushita   Yocho Wu
1989   Nina Matsumura

Secretary Reading

Hiro Yoshida (Secretary) read the Minutes of AGM 2014 approved by all members present at the AGM.

Treasurer Report

The treasurer report was handed out to the participants and were collected back after the report from the President.

-Each and every activity made profit by itself meaning there were no loss-making activities. 

Yen Bank Balance  6/22/14   ¥5,417,149+ 100 USD petty cash
Net Profit +477,063 (of which Total income 1,048,140 less total disbursements 571,077)Yen Bank Balance 6/28/15    ¥5,894,212 + 100 USD petty cash

Activity Report

The activity reports were handed out to the participants and the President announced major highlights as follows

– Attendance to the AGM, Memorial Mass, and Shin-nen-kai were flat.

– The AGM scheduled originally on Sunday was postponed in consideration for participants who go to church. The officers will continue to work on other ideas and arrangements to increase attendance.

– Shinnen-kai this year was open to other International school alumni being friends of St. Joseph’s Alumni. Some young alumni complained to limit only to St. Josephs but we will continue this practice to increase number of participants where vast majority of participants will be St. Joseph’sAlumni.

– The St. Joseph Festa was the most successful event bringing in people from young to the elderly and generating profits.  The President raised a concern on two cases of damage by car to Berrick Hall wall and driveway pole by Alumni (suspect of some alcohol).  For next Festa to reinforce ban on parking atBerrick Hall to avoid any trouble with the City of Yokohama incontinuing the Festa.

– The name of the Festa for 2015 is ‘More than a Feeling’

– To increase attendance recommends having class reunions during the period of the Festaon Sep 12th and 13th.

– There were no golf events this year but wish to plan for next year andwelcome golfers to participate.

– Next year there will be a Mega-Reunion (held once every 3 years) where President Charles Chen will spearhead the event with roughly 23 other schools.  The last event was successful participated by all classes from 1950’s to 2010 and hope to have a successful event for next year.

Election of the Officers

As the term of the Officers for 2013-2015 ended, the officers were re-elected for the next 2015-2017 term, and was unanimously approved by the participants present.  Former Secretary Hiro Yoshida and PR Committee member Nina Matsumura has stepped down as officers due to conflict with their business schedule, but will stay as Co-ops.


– Due to increasing general concerns and legal restrictions on privacy information, announcements on deceased alumni will not be posted in the future unless there arespecific requestsfrom families of the deceased alumni.

Minutes Approved Aug 2015 by President Charles A. Chen   Prepared by Stephen Kha

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