Reunion Videos

Videotapes of the SJIS Mega Millennium Reunions in Los Angeles and Yokohama, produced by Tom Haar (’60*), are finally available for distribution:

Highlights of the SJIS Mega Millennium Reunion of February 19, 2000 which took place at the Hyatt West Hollywood Hotel, starring Jack Nakano(’51), Willy Okiyama (’55), Steve Osako (’50), Father Mueller and five other former faculty members and Sister Carmel O’Keeffe of St Maur’s, plus excerpts from interviews with Charles Mashkoftseff (’52), Julio Rangel (’52), Kunio Kikuchi (’60), and Shun Kanda (’60).
Length: 1 hr. 28 min.
Price: $30 including postage & handling; International-$35, incl. P+H; Japan-Yen4,500, including P+H

Highlights of the Class of 2000 Graduation on 5/27/00, the SJIS Alumni Millennium Reunion 2000 held at the YCAC on 6/3/00, the Final Gathering on the school campus on 6/4/00, plus excerpts from interviews with Mrs. Margaret Koizumi (long-time sec’y), Hisayoshi Ishibashi (’38),Francisco De Britto (’51*), Rudy Fachtmann (’56), Jean Rigod (’64), Willy Pang (’67), Jeff Miller (’67) & final teacher, Arthur Stravinaky(35 yr. teacher), Dr. Tsunehiro Akashi (’71), Philippe Eymard (’75)& teacher, and Bro. John O’Donnell (final principal) .
Length: 1 hr. 31 min.
Price: $40 including postage & handling; International-$45 incl. P+H; Japan-Yen5,500, including P+H

A SPECIAL DISCOUNT is offered for the purchase of both tapes -U.S. = $60, including P+H;
International=$70; Japan=Yen9,000, including P”H

Because $5 from each video sale will be donated to the SJIS Alumni Association, the producer requests that NO COPIES be made of the tapes.

For orders in Japan, please place orders with:
Mr. George Koyama (Treasurer)
Tel: (03) 5446-5951
Fax:(03) 5446-5953
with total amount remitted to:
The Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank Tamachi Branch, Tokyo
Branch N0. 043 Account No. 2045506

For U.S. and International orders, please place orders with a check made out to:
Tom Haar
Tel/Fax: (808)735-5095
1650 St. Louis Drive
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

Please note that all orders must be accompanied by Name and Mailing Address. After the order and remittance has been received, the tapes will be mailed directly to you by Priority Mail in the U.S. and Air Mail for international orders. If there are any questions, please let us know. We would appreciate if all of you would also let others without e-mail know about the availability of these tapes, for all those who attended these two historic reunions as well as for those who were unable to attend.

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