Bro. Enrique Zabala to be in surgery

October 2005

20051009_ph01Remembrance of the Community of Jesus and Mary
For the alumni of Brother Enrique in Japan
For their help for all our brothers.
Colony of Paradise.

Most graduates of the 60’s and 70’s will surely remember Bro. Enrique Zabala, the legendary coach of the invincible SJC soccer team of the 1960’s.

Bro. Zabala gave up the grand opportunity to join Real Madrid which promised him prestige and wealth, but instead surrendered himself to serve the Lord as a Marianist.
He spent a decade of his prime years in Japan at SJC educting the youngsters with his expertise on the field.

After years of independent missionary work at Guatemala among the indigent people, he now suffers from diabetes and osteoporosis. He lived among the poor and taught English and helped his neighbors in every way he could possibly help. SJIS Alumni Association has been assisting the missionary work of Bro. Zabala for the past 4 years through periodic remittance to Guatemala. Our financial assistance has been used wisely by Bro. Zabala to feed, educate, heal, and meet the needs of the poor and has also funded the local parish to build a new chapel.

The banner was sent by the community through Bro. Zabala to us in appreciation of our modest givng. we are certainly humbled by the gracious gesture of the people of Guatemala and pledge to continue our support for the ministry of our beloved Bro. Zabala.

Bro. Zabala now awaits surgery in Madrid of his lower extremity (possibly hip replacement although details uncertain). He will be celebrating his 60th anniversary as a Marianist this year.
If you desire to contact Bro. Zabala while he is in Spain for his medical needs, his address is:

Bro. Enrique Zabala
Comunidad de Siquem Marianista
C/. Joaquim, Turina, 39 Dpdo
28944 Madrid, SPAIN

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