Status of scheduled events in 2020

Dear fellow Alumni and Friends,

The Alumni Association has been in discussion regarding events that were scheduled for 2020. In the current situation with the Covid-19 in Japan, the safety of our Alumni members and friends are our priority. We have also been in discussion with the venues, and the current status of the events are as follows:

Annual General Meeting
Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020 will be postponed to January 2021 to be held together with Shinnenkai 2021. The Association will re-discuss the event later this year, and the event maybe postponed or cancelled depending on the Covid-19 situation.

Memorial Mass
Sacred Heart Cathedral is currently not allowing non-Church events. We have made a request for Mass in September, if not in late fall. The Board of Directors of Sacred Heart Cathedral will discuss our request on August 2nd, and will let us know if it is feasible, if not when they will start allowing non-Church events to take place.

If they allow us to hold the Mass in September, there will be held in the following conditions:

1. Not more than 40 persons may attend.
2. All precautionary measures must be taken, which includes wearing masks, taking appropriate distancing, and temperature will be taken when entering the Church.
3. The prayer at the Statue of Mary in the Foreign Cemetery, and the luncheon following will be cancelled, and will not take place this year.
4. We will do our best to accommodate a live streaming of the Mass.

If they do not allow us to hold the Mass in September, will have no choice but to postpone it to a date that Sacred Heart will allow to take place.

St. Joseph Festa 2020

After several discussion with Berrick Hall, we have scheduled the Festa for October 3rd (Sat)-4th (Sun). The night event held on Saturday night will be cancelled. Berrick Hall, under instructions from the City of Yokohama, will only be able to accommodate a maximum number of 25 people in the building at one time. Berrick Hall holds the right to cancel or postpone the event in accordance with instructions from the City of Yokohama.

We understand that many of you have been looking forward to our events, but as said earlier, the safety of our members are our most important concern, and we kindly hope that you will understand our decision.

Forward with Faith and Fortitude
Charlie Chen (’80), President
SJIS Alumni Association

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