St.Joseph Festa 2020 to be held October 3rd-4th at Berrick Hall

The annual St. Joseph Festa 2020, hosted by Berrick Hall, and organized by the SJIS Alumni Association will be held October 3rd (Sat) and October 4th (Sun) at Berrick Hall.

Due to the social gathering guidelines of the City of Yokohama with regards to Covid-19, the event this year will be held in accordance to the guidelines. The night event on Saturday night will not be held this year. The second floor of Berrick Hall is currently closed for the public, and will remain closed during the event, except for the Guide Tour scheduled during the event. The facility may not hold more than 30 people at one time, and the events during the Festa will be held with restrictions.

All visitors to Berrick Hall during the event will be required to:

1) Register at the entrance before entry.
2) Body temperature will be measured.
3) Hands must be sanitized before entry.
4) Masks must be worn at all times.

Berrick Hall reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event, taking the Covid-19 infection situation and guidelines set by the City of Yokohama in consideration.

Events during the Festa will be held as follows:

1. Exhibition of photos and memorabilia of Berrick Hall as SJIS’s boarding house. The exhibit will portray the life of students at Berrick Hall as well as at the school.

Time: 9:30-17:00

2. Slide Show: “The 12 years at St. Joseph’s”
Slide show showing what 12 years at St. Joseph as a student at an International School was like.

Time: 13:30 (Both dates)
Capacity: 20 people (Reservation in advance is required)
Fee: Free of Charge

3. Guided Tour by an Alumni of SJIS

Time: 14:00 (Both dates)
Capacity: 5 people (Reservation in advance is required)
Fee: Free of Charge

Reservations will start September 21st by calling Berrick Hall (045-663-5685) or in person at Berrick Hall. (Please kindly note that the Alumni Association will not be able to take reservations)

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