Communication and Privacy Policy announced

Dear Fellow Alumni,

At the outset, let us thank you for taking a very keen interest in our beloved Association, and to some of you, let us express our apologies for not having attended your messages. Through the kind cooperation of Charlie Chen (class of ’80), we were able to set up our own website which has even been recently renewed and updated. That said, and not as a form of excuse, the Association does not have the resources to manage some of our tasks, communications being one of them. While we continue to pursue an ideal infrastructure to support effective communications, we would like to solicit your kind understanding and cooperation on our following policy on communications and privacy. The policy will take effect immediately. Inasmuch as we solicit your kind cooperation on abiding by the policy, we would like to remind you once again to fully utilize our website as this will be our official and main communications tool.

Communications & Privacy Policy

Boon Oyama,
President of SJIS Alumni Association

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