Memorial Mass postponed

With the extension of the State of Emergency in Kanagawa along with Tokyo and nine other prefectures in Japan until March 7th, 2021, the Alumni Association has no choice but to further postpone the Memorial Mass scheduled for March 6th.

The Alumni Association had discussions with Sacred Heart Cathedral, and with the Sunday Mass held online in this re-surge of Covid-19 and the Declaration of the State of Emergency, there was no option of the Memorial Mass being held on March 6th.

Sacred Heart Cathedral and the Alumni Association has come to an agreement to discuss postponed date of the event, after when the Church is ready to welcome guests to their Church again.

Charles A. Chen, President, SJIS Alumni Association
“The annual Memorial Mass we hold each year is not only an event to honor our Alumni member, families, and friends who have passed, but is an event where attendants can travel back in time to feel the good old school days. We had to postpone the original date last September, and now with the resurge, I regret to announce that we have to postpone it again. We hope that the pandemic will be over soon, and that we will be able to go back to normality and hold Alumni events soon in the future.”

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