Announcement regarding future events

Dear fellow Alumni members,

The officers of the SJIS Alumni Association has been discussing the planning of future Alumni events during this pandemic. Safety has been the highest priority for our members participating in events we may hold. Although we have planned several dates for events after the pandemic has started, we were not successful in holding one due to Covid restrictions by the venue and by the government.

Current situation for Fall of 2021 does not seem to be promising, as Japan is experiencing the highest infection numbers since the pandemic started, and most of the Kanto area is now currently in the State of Emergency. Most venues do not allow us to hold large gatherings, while Sacred Heart Cathedral currently do not hold in-person masses.

By taking all of the factors in consideration, the Alumni Association has decided to postpone all events until we feel it is safe to hold large gatherings. We have decided not to set a date for any event until we are sure events are able to be held safely.

There is one exception which is the St. Joseph Festa at Berrick Hall. This is a Berrick Hall hosted event, and Berrick Hall makes the final decision whether the event will be held or not. St. Joseph Festa 2021 is currently scheduled to be held on Saturday October 2nd-3rd. It will be held at a minimal capacity, with only 5 visitors allowed for the Berrick Hall Tour, and 20 people allowed for the Slide Show. Both the Tour and the Slide Show will be geared for the non-SJIS public. The Alumni Association has agreed with Berrick Hall that a minimum number of officers will help with the organizing including the set-up and the clean-up. Berrick Hall will hold the right to cancel the event, depending on the situation with Covid-19.

The current officers of the Alumni Association have agreed to extend their officership until we are able to hold the next Annual General Meeting.

We pray for the safety and health of all of our members, family, and friends, and hope that we will be back to normal soon and be able to see all of you soon.

Charles A. Chen
St. Joseph International School Alumni Association

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