Letter from you New President – George Koyama

Dear Alumni and Friends of St. Joseph’s,

I am truly honored to have been elected as president of our beloved Alumni Association. Looking back in history, I believe our Association has accomplished much, for our Alma Mater, for our school mates and for the community at large. We owe our success to each and every one of you.

That said, and as we move forward, quite candidly, I cannot help but express my concern about the future of our Association. Having served the Association behind the scenes for some time, I noticed that the many excellent ideas that are forthcoming from our alumni throughout the globe far outnumber our task force. We have been struggling to gather the younger generation to take part in our meetings and activities, but thus far, in vain. With the demise of our Alma Mater, our Association is definitely in need of a new Vision – one that we all could strive for and work towards. Our operating funds to support our activities are running low. And there are countless other issues we need to resolve on our path to preserve our heritage.

Our team of officers, James Patterson, class of 78 as Vice President, Hideo Nakanishi, class of 64 as Secretary/Treasurer and our co-ops remain as committed as ever before to serve the alumni and to keep the fire kindling. At the same time, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to actively participate in our cause.

On behalf of our new officers, I would like to thank Boon Oyama and the past officers for their fine leadership in steering our Association towards its challenging goals, and we certainly look to their continued guidance and cooperation as we continue our pursuit of ever challenging goals.

As always,
George Koyama
President, St. Joseph Alumni Association

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