St. Joseph Festa 2007 to be held at Berrick Hall

Greetings, fellow alumni,

We’ve come a long way in preserving our legacy. And now we’re in for the long haul. The Association has, at last, received the green light to co-sponsor a week – long event at Berrick Hall – The Saint Joseph Festa – under the theme, ‘Tracing the Roots of International Culture in Yokohama.’ The theme is our strong appeal to the general public that St. Joseph, for some 100 years, has played an important role in the history of Berrick Hall and the city of Yokohama. This may be the first in a series of annual events to demonstrate to the general community and the municipal government of Yokohama that St. Joseph was, in fact, an integral part of the long history of the city.

The Saint Joseph Festa will begin on Saturday, November 24th and will continue through the 29th. The main “live interview” programs will be on the first 2 days which fall on a weekend where maximum general public attendance is expected. For the balance of the week, we will continue to display excerpts from our Forward with explanations in Japanese.

We are in dire need of ushers to guide guests and provide explanations about our school and the Berrick Hall to the general public during the Festa, if and when required. We are only hopeful that we could get some assistance from our O/B’s to act as MC and navigator in conducting interviews with some of our former boarders at the Berrick Hall, Boy Scouts Troop 1, friends and associates who knew our Alma Mater and other parties affiliated with SJC. Any help in volunteering as MC and navigator is most welcome.

To gain maximum visibility, we will also be contacting the general press and media. The officers and coops are now busy preparing a flyer on the event for dissemination to the general public, who are potential visitors at the event and who may very well be instrumental in ‘moving a mountain.’ As someone said, ‘We’re a dying breed.’ Maybe so, but I feel that it is critical for us to preserve our invaluable heritage not only amongst ourselves but also in the minds and hearts of the general community and in the history of the city of Yokohama.

Henceforth, we will be fine-tuning our program for the week with the Berrick Hall management. You will certainly be kept abreast of the details as they become available.

In closing, please join me in expressing our heartfelt appreciation to our officers and coops who are volunteering their time, efforts and resourses in planning, organizing, leading and controlling this mammoth event – Hideo Nakanishi, Secretary /Treasurer for incepting this concept, for liaising with the Berrick Hall management, for his sales/marketing initiatives, for his kindness in availing his office for our meetings; Yuzz Kanda, chairman of the archive committee, for his leadership in acting as the point of contact for all publicity activities, for preparation of the program, all visuals, and more; Joji Ozawa and Nobuo Webb for their invaluable thoughts; Boon Oyama, former President, for his referrals and guidance, and Takashi Osada, Vice President, for his marketing, as well as other assistance.

My fellow alumni, I cannot think of a better opportunity than this to volunteer your services to preserve our legacy in the many years to come. So come and join us !!

All the very best,
George Koyama
St. Joseph Alumni Association

for any volunteering inquiries, contact us at:

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