Come and Join Us at the St. Joseph Festa 2007

– November 24th to the 29th at Berrick Hall on the Bluff –

20070911_ph01If you want to spend a relaxing evening listening to talk shows by former boarders at the Berrick Hall and by friends and acquaintances speaking about memories of our Alma Mater, teachers and students, please make reservations directly at the Berrick Hall at (045) 663-5685. An admission charge of yen 2000 will include snacks.

The balance of the Festa will be free of charge and will likewise feature a talk show on Sunday, Nov. 25 by the International Boy Scouts Troop 1 and on the subject of soccer and Bro. Zabala, our legendary coach. There will be a display of 50 large panel photos of historical significance from our FORWARDs.

If you’re into music, some of us will be playing oldies from the 50’s / 60’s as well as newer music from the 26th thru the 29th to give visitors a warm welcome to the Berrick Hall, just as we used to when our school still existed. You all have an open invitation to singl along with us on weekdays. To give life to the Berrick Hall, you are certainly welcome to have mini-gatherings or meetings with your classmates as well. A great chance and a location for having a weekday reunion surrounded with all things Saint Joe!
We need memorabilia to make the display even more interesting to the public. Mega attendants are urged to bring to LA whatever they find in their attics and basements which recall their student days at SJC. Ozawa, Nakanishi, and Boon will carefully accompany them back to Yamate, their place of birth.
There is a lot that will be going on at our St. Joseph Festa, so do plan to be there and share your experience with us.
For further details, please contact either the Berrick Hall or any of the officers.

See you at the Festa !!

George Koyama
St. Joseph Alumni Associatio

for any volunteering inquiries, contact us at:

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