New Year Message from your President – 2008

The year of the mouse looks to be another year of challenges for our association.
We closed last year with the St. Joseph Festa in November which lasted about a week. Results of our efforts and dedication have been fruitful and promising in that, as primarily targeted, we were able to demonstrate our significance to the Municipal Government of Yokohama and the general public as well. The many visits by O/B’s, O/G’s, their relatives and friends of yesteryear (dating as far back as 1940 and 1918 !) caught us by great, but pleasant surprise.

Quite obviously, there was a lot of time and hard work that went into the preparation of this monumental task, especially on the part of the officers and committee leader. Simultaneously and quite fortunately we were able to offset a great portion of our total expenses through solicitation of ads in our flyer and through generous contributions, more of which we would appreciate as we move forward with this project annually. So taking this opportunity, I would like you to join me in thanking my fellow officers, Hideo Nakanishi and Jimmy Patterson and Yuzz Kanda, committee leader, for their selfless dedication in achieving our goals at the Festa.

Focusing on activities for this year, presented hereunder are our main events for you to mark on your calendars and to take part in:

March 29, 2008 : General Meeting of the Association
Time: 1600 hrs.
Place: Junkai Kaku in China Town.
Price: yen 3,000 + tax (excluding drinks)
(Please make early reservations)
Sept. 20, 2008 : Memorial Mass at Sacred Heart and prayers before Our Lady of Faith &Fortitude
(Venue for lunch to be posted on our website at a later date.)

Nov. 14-16, 2008:  St. Joseph Festa at the Berrick Hall.

Dec. 26, 2008 : Bonenkai
(Venue to be determined/announced)

Folks, let me again remind and plead to you that preparing for events for all of us is very labor, as well as capital, intensive. Every year, regardless of the nature of event, we have a countless number of ‘ideas’ be it good or bad, but sad to say, we don’t have any hands to put these ideas into action when time comes. I am therefore asking all of you to chip in your time and efforts with your wonderful ideas. At the same time, we are soliciting your generous contributions to support our activities.

On behalf of my fellow officers/coops, I thank you for your tireless understanding and support, and I certainly hope to meet more of you at our meetings and events.

Our website will continue to function as our primary communications tool and source of information. So please do consult our website from time to time.

All the very best,

George Koyama

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