Annual General Meeting 2008 to be held March 29th

Dear fellow Alumni,

As a starter of the year, we will be hosting our Annual General Meeting of the Association on Saturday, March 29 at Junkai Kaku (Honkan) in Chinatown from 4 pm. Our AGM will be followed by a delicious Chinese meal at a cost of yen 3,000 + tax per person, exclusive of drinks. So invite your classmates and make early reservations. There are important issues that require your attention and involvement.

The agenda for the AGM follows, but if there are items/issues you would like to table, please do so via our website.

(1) Secretary’s report – minutes of our last meeting
(2) Treasurer’s report
(3) Resignation of current officers
(4) Volunteers / Nominations for new officers
(5) Election of new officers
(6) SJC Festa Update and Path Forward

– Follow up items – re-production of additional DVD’s / 300 ??
– Fund raising campaign to support Festa/other events
– sale of DVD’s
– production/sale of emblem and other potential SJC items
– donations
– Theme for this year

(7) Determining venue for our Bonenkai
(8) AOB

We sincerely hope to see as many of you as we possibly can at the AGM, especially the younger O/B’s from the 80’s and 90’s who will carry on our legacy into the future.

George Koyama

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