We’re Still on the Move

Still Moving Forward

Dear Alumni and Friends of St. Joseph,

It’s nice to be back as president of our Alumni Association after a short break. I am now charged and committed as ever to dedicating myself to continue from where we left off in our many projects to perpetuate our legacy. I am most grateful to the new officers – Nobuo Uwabe, Vice President and Secretary and Hideo Nakanishi, Treasurer- both of who have agreed to extend their services for another term. I also thank my predecessors for filling the gap during my absence while at the same time, soliciting their tireless help and support for our Association.

Indeed, our association has come a long way over the years. Our achievements couldn’t have been realized without the hard work and dedication of the Archive Committee- Hideo Nakanishi, Yuzz Kanda, and Jimmy Patterson. The committee, in collaboration with the Alumni Association, has stored all our existing Forwards onto DVD; it has maintained some of our Alma Mater’s valuable memorabilia, some of which have been on display at our annual Festa at the Berrick Hall. Our time and efforts have been rewarded in the form of an approval from the Municipal Government to store our archives permanently in the Berrick Hall, on condition that we do it with the Berrick’s. Work is already in progress on this project with Jimmy Patterson having almost completed research work on our history in Forward as related to the Berrick Hall. Despite this fact, however, we still need to research the Berrick’s, little information of which is available today. The plan is to store these two archives, as soon as possible, in what once used to be Mr. Berrick’s study on the second floor of the Berrick Hall. For this year, budget has been allocated to further pursue the archiving project as well as to sponsor the annual Festa in November. Working very closely with the Alumni Association and its membership, the Archive Committee will continue to move forward, as there is still much work that needs to be done.

Lying ahead of us, the St. Joseph Festa will be held for the third consecutive year, from Saturday, November 21 through Monday, November 23 (National Holiday). This year marking the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Port of Yokohama, much is expected of us from the Municipal Government at the Festa, so I cannot help but stress the importance of putting together a program for the people of our host country. To this end, I call on all of you for your kind help and support.
As we tread along our path forward, I’m sure there will be many more projects that would require our concerted efforts and dedication. Our Officers, Co-ops and regulars at our meetings and events who were once St. Joseph ‘boys and gals’ still remain young at heart, but the fact is, we will need to transition our initiatives to new blood with new ideas and visions to carry on into the future. Together, we have breathed the same air at our Alma Mater which has become an integral part of the history of Yokohama. Today, we are dedicated to perpetuating and sharing our history and legacy with society. On behalf of the Officers and Co-ops, I invite you wholeheartedly to join us so we can further create history for the coming generations.

As always,
George Koyama
President, St. Joseph Alumni Association

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