Message from your new President, Maurice Toyama

Dear Fellow Alumni and Friends of SJC/SJIS,

Since accepting to become the president of this Association, I have constantly been thinking about one comment I heard at the Annual General Meeting, what should be the mission of the Association. As pondered on this thought, the current drive for donation for restoration of our statute of Mary and the enthusiasm, energy and the St. Joe spirit shown by you have renewed my conviction about the strength of the ties we share through our Alma Mater. Although I cannot express clearly, I believe the mission lies within this spirit and this thought will always be with me as my guiding star.

It was 37 years ago when I walked off the Auditorium stage at my graduation and 10 years since the last graduating class walked off the stage, however I believe we all remember about our Alma Mater as if we were there yesterday. I have attended many Alumni gathering both in Japan and in California over these years and never thought that I will be the president of this Association. Yet, here I am assuming the position and hoping to get to know many more of you.

I look forward to working with you to carry on the legacy of our Alma Mater and to support the various initiatives put in place by my senpais. I am especially indebted to George Koyama, Nobuo Uwabe and Boon Oyama for support, guidance and initiative in the current donation drive. I also would like to introduce my fellow officers, Hideo Nakanishi, Treasurer and Kazuhiro Tanaka, Secretary. With the support of my fellow officers, I am determined to foster the legacy of our Alma Mater as our school song so proudly proclaimed “SJC shall ever hold.”

Sincerely yours,
Maurice Toyama, Class of 73
St Joseph Alumni Association

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