Message from your new President, Charlie Chen

Dear Fellow Saints,

First of all I would like to mention that I am honoured to be serving you as the President of the SJC/SJIS Alumni Association.  At the same time, I would like to thank George Koyama, Nobuo Iwabe, and Hideo Nakanishi for their undivided service they have provided our Association.  Their dedication to the Association over the years are to be remembered by all of us.

The Association is now revamped with new officers.  Wally Hayashi ’83 is serving as Vice-President, as well as Acting Secretary, and Daishi Takeda ’84 as Treasurer.  All of the officers, including myself, have never served in the office before, and we will need time to run in a full capability, but we all are looking forward to carry on the spirit of our Alma Mater.  Yuzz Kanda ’69, will continue on as the Chairperson of the Archive Committee, as well the Chairperson of the SJC Festa.

The new officers have decided to continue with the annual events-Memorial Mass, SJC Festa, Shinnenkai, and the AGM to take place as before.  We will be implementing new events, all geared to raising funds for the Association.

We have also plans to revamp the current website, as well as, implementing a “Class Represantative” system where we will try to have a rep from each graduating class in charge of getting information out to their classmates

As everything is new to us, it will take some time for the transition, and your undivided cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Forward with Faith and Fortitude
Charles Chen (Class of 1980)
SJIS Alumni Association

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