Mini International Reunion held in Yokohama

Mini International Reunion, Yokohama
October 13, 2006

by Francis DeBritto (1951)

A mini international reunion was enjoyed on Oct. 13th, when a joyous crowd came together, at the Junkaikaku Restaurant. It was a pure SJIS affair, what with wives and widows along with former classmates and schoolmates, joining in. On and on they came and it was great to see some offer polite greetings not quite certain of whom they were greeting and then shout out and hug each other when recognizing their friends of yesteryear. So the boys and girls- some 26 of us – set off the right tone of friendship.

The perennial visitors, George de Couto and his wife, Betty and Julio Rangel had come from Los Angeles and Vancouver respectively. The surprise visitor was Jack Nakano, who had not visited Japan in the past 50 plus years ! Their classes, ’52 and ’51 were fairly well represented.

Boon Oyama, the Association President, kindly made the banquet hall and food reservations at the Rose Hotel. He also helped break the ice and help keep the party going and lively so.

There was Masako Mayes Ozawa, widow of Jimmy, class of ’51. Jimmy’s brother, Jorge, accompanied the on key and off key vocal renditions on his guitar the best he could,

Willie Nahraindhas Okiyama, who came with his wife, offered a peerless yodeling performance.

Peter Yoshizawa, dignified V. Chairman of the TMBank lent his appearance. Andy Apanai, ’51 class presi, came. He is undergoing rehab for his speech problems but fortunately his mobility is not affected. Rolf Miftahittin, came along although he has suffered a series of strokes. That goes to show that you can’t keep the SJC Turks down !

Franz Metzker sang for us and so did James Henry, Boon Oyama, Joe Gordo, Luke Schneider, who shows some promise, roundly entertained us.

Our loyal regulars, Satake and Sakurai, came along. A number of us also decided to be the audience among whom were Peter Nakaike, the former basketball superstar, Paul Matsushima, Bob Saji, Kay de Couto, George’s sister-in-law and Alice Wong, the class beauty of ’52, and who is a cousin of Dr.Wong Chang..

Yodeling performance by Willie Nahraindhas  Okiyama '55

Yodeling performance by Willie Nahraindhas
Okiyama ’55

Three persons who had originally signed up couldn’t make the event;
Dr. Wong Chang, who is undergoing rehab had additional health complications; Cecil Baclay, our-round athlete, suffered a stroke and is now undergoing rehab and the dreadful news of Larry Tanabe, who had suffered a stroke which has turned out to be fatal, dampened the event. However in the true spirit of SJC-SJIS, we all had a wonderful and memorable evening together, although like all good things it ended all too soon !

And, the chow was GOOD ! Thanks Boon !

Jack Nakano '51 (left) and George de Couto '52 (right)

Jack Nakano ’51 (left) and George de Couto ’52 (right)

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