The Constitution and the By-Laws of the SJIS Association has been prepared to encompass the dramatic changes caused by the closure of our Alma Mater, St. Joseph International School.

We put forward the proposition that it is incumbent upon us, who have been fortunate as Alumni in being provided direct tutelage in the concepts and ideals of SJIS, to ensure the pervasion of such concepts and ideals to all people with whom we have contact whether Christian or otherwise and thus to perpetuate this association in substance , as well as in name.

We honor the selfless work of the missionaries and other faculty who have provided us with the edification and we look forward to the day that this Association shall become an Association which strive to work towards genuine globalization, through application of our experience in international association and education.


The Association will be known as The Saint Joseph International School (SJIS) Alumni Association, hereafter called SJIS ASSOCIATION


The postal address of the Association will be as follows:

SJIS Alumni Association
Port P.O. Box 58,
Yokohama 231-8691


The purpose of the Association shall be:

(a) To renew and foster mutual bonds of friendship among alumni, former faculty members and friends of SJIS and St. John’s Institute (SJI) through the Association’ meetings and social activities.

(b) To pursue the ultimate goal of the Association to dedicate ourselves towards genuine selfless charity and globalization.

(c) To plan and implement activities for the realization of items (a) and (b).

(d) To encourage Alumni and friends of SJIS and SJI to provide loyal support and collaboration with The SJIS Association.


(a) The membership of this Association shall consist of all Alumni of SJIS, SJIS and parents of Alumni, faculty and friends of SJIS and SJI.

(b) Dues of this Association shall be 2,000 yen or the equivalent in any convertible currency per annum.

(c) A member is free to select the status of being a Paying Member or Non-paying Member, all rights and obligations of membership, as per the Constitution, shall apply to both paying and non-paying members, with the exclusion to the latter, to vote on resolution having to do with the use or disposal of general funds.

(d) The membership dues of this association shall be payable within 4 weeks of each Annual General Meeting.


The SJIS Association shall be governed by a General Committee and consist of the following officers:

(a) Executive Committee Officers, shall be the elected officers of the Association and the election of the officers shall take place at the Annual General Meeting of the members. The Executive Officers shall consist of the: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Committee shall be accountable to the members of all actions and decisions, pertaining to the Association.

(b) When the new group of Officers for a definite year are installed, the previous incumbent Officers will continue as Co-Ops (or advisors) to further complement the Executive Committee in its functions.

(c) The term of office of the General Committee shall be from one Annual General Meeting until the next Annual General Meeting.

(d) In the event the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer resigns or otherwise discontinues his or her duties, the Executive Committee shall appoint an officer to such vacated post, by majority vote of the General Committee.

(e) Past President(s) of the Association, will also assist the General Committee as Advisors whenever the General Committee requests their assistance.



– Possess the official seal or signature of the SJIS Association.

– Open, preside over, oversee and close the meetings and functions.

– Propose approval by show of hands of reports made at meetings, prepared by the Secretary and Treasurer.

– Present new items, if any, for proposal to the members.

Vice President:

– Work closely with the President for the smooth operation of the Association.

– Preside over meetings, in the case when the President is absent and take over all official duties.


– Take the minutes of all meetings and report it to the listed membership through electronic mail or ordinary mail.

– Read the minutes of the previous meeting for approval by the members present.

– Pass over the duties and files to the next Secretary.


– Keep all financial records.

– Prepare the Financial Report to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

– Keep account of all paid members.


Annual General Meeting:

(a) The Annual General Meeting of the SJIS Association shall be held on the date not less than one year from the preceding Anuual Meeting, as determined by the General Committee.

(b) Notice of this meeting shall be given not later than 3 weeks prior to date of such meeting, via electronic mail or ordinary mail.

(c) The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:

– Report on the past year’s activities by the Secretary.

– Report on the Financial Statement by the Treasurer.

– Proposal for approval on any revised section(s) of the Constitution, and which to be adopted by majority vote of the members present.

– Any matter raised by the Member(s) present.

– The election of four (4) members to serve as Executive Officers. See Art. V : Officers.

Extra Ordinary Meeting:

(a) The extra ordinary meeting of members shall be convened when the Executive Committee deems that such a meeting is necessary or when a quorum of 15 members demands that such meeting be convened.

(b) Notice of this meeting shall be given not later than 3 weeks prior to date of such meeting.


Notification for the candidates for office shall be submitted to the General Committee, twenty (20) working days prior to the proposed Annual General Meeting. All members physically able to be present to execute his or her function, are eligible to stand for office and any member may propose a fellow member as a candidate for office.


Before any disbursement that will come out of this fund, the proposal shall be presented by the General Committee for approval. Exception is petty cash disbursements for the operation of the Association.


(a) The Official Financial Accounting Year of the SJIS Association shall be from date of the current Annual General Meeting to the next Annual General Meeting.

(b) All checks are to be signed by the Treasurer and to be countersigned by the President, both of whose signatures are duly registered with the bank.

(c) The books and the Statement of Account kept by the Treasurer, together with all vouchers are to be submitted to and certified by an appointed Auditor or CPA, at the end of the fiscal year, for submission to members at the Annual General Meeting.
September 2nd, 2000



Fund known as “Fr. Gerber Scholarship Fund”.

(a) The accumulated fund of Yen10, 000,000, is to be deposited with a suitable bank to earn interest. This account is to be held under two Seals (Hanko) namely, the SJIS ASSOCIATION -PRESIDENT and the other SJIS ASSOCIATION.

(b) This fund (capital) is considered to be the bedrock of the SJIS Association and its usage is to be permitted only under the following conditions.

1) The General Committee is to notify to all members, at least three months in advance of said intentions and to hold an extra ordinary meeting for clarifying its purpose in clear and unmistakable terms.

2) A minimum quorum of 15 members must be present at this meeting and that the said intention shall be agreed upon and approved by a majority of two/third (2/3) of members present.

(c) The General Committee, if deemed necessary, can draw on the interest gained from this capital, for disbursements like petty cash for the operation of the Association.