St. Joseph Alumni Association Communications & Privacy Policy
As of October 1, 2006

The Association’s main communications tool will be our website.
Our communications will only be through the website and its email address. This does not mean that letters etc. to the Association will not be entertained, but rather to the opposite and to our pleasure.
Given the current understaffed environment, communications will be limited to one-way, ie., from the Association to the alumni. This is not to say that all incoming messages/inquiries will be ignored, but rather the fact that they will be attended, grouped to the best possible and responded if need be through announcements, news and events.
Despite numerous inquiries, the Association cannot search for friends and classmates due same reasons aforementioned, nor can it provide class lists, personal email addresses nor any type of information thereof that may be classified as personal information due to Privacy Act legality concerns and constraints that may be binding on the Association.
The Association shall retain the authority to screen, edit and/or upload any incoming materials as we deem appropriate.
The Association does not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with other people or nonaffiliated parties other than the members and friends of the Alumni Association with proper reference and registration. If the Alumni Association decides to post an email directory on to the website, it will be protected properly with highest form of security, including access only to the registered members of the Alumni Association.