the objective:
To preserve and promulgate the legacy of St Joseph College through a digital archive.
A vast majority of our archives, well over 80 years old, has had its heavy wear and tear over time, and are in great danger of decaying. It is essential that we preserve our heritage, which now has also become a significant constituent in the history of this country, in the most appropriate form. Digitizing our archives provides a solution to this problem. At the same time, and more importantly, digitization will allow us to safely and permanently store our valuable history while providing access freely and globally to all our alumni and friends.

the main ingredients:
Our yearbook, the “FORWARD,” from years 1922 to 2000 will be digitized and serve as the basis of the Digital Archive. The “FORWARD” goes well beyond an ordinary school yearbook. It is a very important historical asset that visually depicts life in an international school and the changing environment during the centennial history of our Alma Mater. (The Forward was first published in 1922, and it was suspended during the war years, 1941 to 1947)

the value:
The value and benefits derived from this project are vast.
For us, alumni, the archives are tangible, visual memories of our now-gone, beloved Alma Mater. It contains a wealth of information which we will transition from our generation onto generations hereafter. The archives will allow us to substantiate our pride, our heritage and the spirit that helped mold our lives today.
For the general public, our archives have as much intrinsic historical value. Our Alma Mater is the history of the foreign community in Yokohama.

the media:
Once the resources are digitized, the SJC Alumni website will be utilized to store and display some of the archive materials. Access will be possible globally. Each digitized yearbook will be converted into one PDF (Portable Document Format) image file*. The digitized data will be burned onto a master DVDs (or CD-ROMs) and its display and distribution methods are being considered, including the use of the internet.

physical archive problems:
Creating a physical archive, storing and displaying all the “FORWARD” yearbooks, could be ideal, but this will involve securing the required space and someone to watch over the materials, both of which are beyond the current capacity of the Association.

current physical archives:
A full set of “FORWARDs,” the only complete set, is archived in Gyosei Archives (not open for viewing). The Alumni has donated the “FORWARDs” to the following facilities (many of the earlier issues are missing).
1938 – 2000 Forwards Yokohama City Library
1954 – 2000 Forwards Yokohama City Historical Archive Museum

*PDF (Portable Document Format):
1. free Acrobat Reader and other software available for viewing
2. clears compatibility issues over different PC platforms
3. ease of viewing in a book page format
4. PDF compacts the file size
5. distribution via Web is possible
6. a de facto standard for electronics documents