anno_ph01I am happy to announce that the digitizing of our FORWARDs from years 1922 to 2000 has been completed, and I would like to say that this project couldn’t have happened without the help and support of: Tom Haar (60) who initially incepted the concept of digitizing our FORWARDs, the U.S. Chapter Alumni members who made their donations in the realization of this project at its initial stage, all the Alumni who supported the idea of the project and availed the use of the Father Gerber Fund, Gyosei School who provided us with their archived FORWARDs, the former and present Association officers who gave continuous support of the project Nobuharu Suzuki (67), Boon Oyama (66), George Koyama (69), James Patterson (78), Yutaka Nakayama (91), Hideo Nakanishi (64); and of course many more.

The digitized FORWARDs will be available on a DVD disk from cover to cover including the ad pages for the years up to 1951 (the 50th anniversary issue) and Year 2000 (the last issue). Ad pages are not included for the years from 1952 to 1999. All the digitized yearbooks are in its own PDF book format with a total of 88 books burned onto one DVD, approximately 10,000 pages and 2 GB of digital data. 300 DVDs will go into press initially, and will be ready in November 2007 in Japan.

Distribution of DVDs:

1. USA Chapter Archive Project donors listed on our website ( will be presented with a copy of the FORWARD DVD at the Mega 2007, LA.

2. DVDs will be available at the Mega 2007 for Alumni members, families, and close friends for a cash donation of US$30.00. Make sure to register your name through the “DVD order form”page to pick up your DVD copy at the Mega. The DVDs will only be available till the stock lasts, on a first come first served basis.

3. All orders from the US need to be received by Oct. 31, 2007 to ensure having your copy at the Mega 2007. If you are not attending the Mega, please kindly ask a classmate or friend to pick up your DVD copy on your behalf, or contact the US Chapter.

4. In Japan, DVDs will be first available at the “St. Joseph Festa” at Berrick Hall on Nov. 24, 2007, and thereafter at Association official events, while the initial stock lasts for a cash donation of ¥3,000.

5. If you can not attend the above events, we suggest you contact your classmates to pick up your orders. The association lacks in volunteers to physically handle individual mailings, kindly understand our situation.

6. If you are outside of the US or Japan, we urge you to contact your classmates to obtain your copy, since monetary transaction charges are enormous for us to handle and we cannot accept any foreign checks.

Kindly spread the word to your classmates who have no access to the internet.
Thanking you all for your support.

With Faith and Fortitude,
Yuzz Kanda
Chair, Archive Committee
St. Joseph Alumni Association